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Welcome to Buy Ad Spots

We are here for website owners, products, marketing and service advertising and promotion, maybe you came here through one of the many banners on one of our websites and would like more information on advertising with us, we have a few different options for ad banner rental space at the moment.

At this time we are only accepting 600 x 160 skyscraper banners, in the future we will be offering other banner sizes.

All banner ads must be in compliance with googles adsense policies for the reason that our ads may be displayed on sites with adsense ads present.

All banners and websites must be submitted for review before any further negotiations take place, we care about the quality of our websites so we will not accept ugly banners or any explicit or nasty looking banners so please use better judgement before submitting a banner or have us design one for you!

Advertisement Banner Design

If you only have a website or a link, and need a banner designed we can also take care of this for an additional fee.

Prices will vary as per design and detail, simple banners with little detail will be inexpensive.

At a future date we will supply templates for banners with simple text edit and catalog of images.
Price estimates (will very by website):
In Rotation (shared space with other ads):
1 week = $25-200
2 weeks = $50-300
3 weeks = $75-400
4 weeks = $100-500

Solid Placement (no other ads when available)
1 week = $300-800
2 weeks = $600-$1500
3 weeks or more please enquire.

These prices are only estimates prices may be higher or lower.

We also offer special prices for banner placement on multiple site.

Please be sure to contact us